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HERO 1 Month Individual Membership

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Avoid any headaches on your trip to Haiti, with HERO's 1 Month Membership!

• Access to HERO's WhatsApp Member Group for security alerts
• 1 In-Country emergency flight transport with a co-pay of $200
• 24/7 unlimited access to HERO emergency resources
• 1 ground ambulance transports
• Patient advocacy should you require hospitalization
• 3rd Party Coverage (if you are involved in an accident, injured non-member locals are covered, regardless of fault

Have a travel insurance? Please add international concierge.

International Concierge add-on

Concierge members receive full service medevac coordination. HERO and it’s partners handle all of the phone calls, family notifications, insurance claim paperwork and planning necessary to complete a medevac flight, from the first call for assistance by a member to arrival in a hospital in the USA.

HERO is partnered with multiple Air Ambulance services and the Haitian Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale to provide the highest possible level of air ambulance service to our members.
A HERO membership and an insurance that covers international medical evacuations is required to purchase the Concierge add-on.

4.5 Mandatory International Concierge. It is mandatory that all Families and/or individuals that have an international insurance with medical evacuation, must also have the ‘International Concierge Service Plan’ additional to the local plan. HERO may charge up to $10,000.00 for a medical evacuation coordination fee to a client who does not have international concierge. This fee does not include cost of the medical evacuation, only the coordination. The customer must have a valid international insurance that covers medical evacuation to be eligible for International Concierge.

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