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COVID-19 Testing 

HERO is partnered with MedLab to provide Covid-19 Antigen Testing at the PAP Airport. You can pay online to avoid the line with our Fast Track system. If you do not pay in advance for Fast Track to skip the line, you will be able to pay at the testing site in cash or credit card. 




In January 2021, the USA (and other governments) updated their entry requirements to include a mandatory negative covid-19 test result. At the time, there was very limited access to testing in Haiti, and this was threatening to make travel impossible for the thousands of people who fly out of PAP every day. HERO partnered with MedLab and the National Airport Authority to facilitate a testing site at the airport. Within 4 days - successfully starting operations on the first day of the new requirement taking affect - HERO/MedLab was fully up and running with 28 trained Technicians, Nurses and Support Staff, along with all logistics functions set in motion to efficiently and smoothly process 100 - 500 clients per day.  Our Covid-19 Testing Site at the PAP Airport remains open 7 days a week from 0600-1800, and continues operating at the high standards of MedLab and authorization of MSPP.

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