Excellent professional service. We've used HERO services in few of our motorized sports events and we will continue to their service. I would recommend everyone to use their annual emergency ambulance plan. 

Meir Vaknin 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Sunday night one of our 45 kids tripped while carrying a bowl of boiling hot water spilling the contents and splashing in her face. With blisters on her arm and her eyes swollen we went to Pierre Payen Hospital, closest to our home. When the doctor examined her he informed me that they were not equipped to help her and we would need to go somewhere else. No recommendation was offered. Scared and not sure what to do, I noticed the HERO app on my phone and remembered that we were members of HERO. Not sure if they could help I simply swiped the app not sure if they could help, and I was answered immediately. The guy on the other end went right into action upon hearing my situation offering to send out an ambulance right away. It was decided that we would meet them in an agreed upon location near the airport and they would get us to the best hospital possible for our situation. Jason also contacted an eye specialist to be ready to see our Fleurismene. When the ambulance arrived they jumped out and immediately took charge of her care, getting her into the ambulance, doing initial triage and off we went to the hospital. We have had the service for two years and not used it other than receiving the alerts about possible dangers. Worth every penny spent. So grateful for this amazing organization. Cannot imagine life here without it. Not something thought about till you need it. Don't even want to think about what we would have done without their help Sunday night. Thank you to the paramedics, EMTs, the driver (didn't get his name ) and dispatch (also didn't get name but also phenomenal ) and all the others that made this horrible situation bearable.

Ed AndLeanne Rodeheaver

Cote des Archidins, Haiti

Laying in excruciating pain, not knowing exactly where I was nor ready to admit that I was in need of emergency surgery, I heeded a friend's advice and contacted HERO. I remember feeling relieved as the crew walked in and I realized English was the first language of some members of the crew. I remember thinking, "At least it will be easier for me to communicate with them." The crew was very professional and efficient, taking vitals, monitoring my condition and running various tests while in route to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was relieved to realize at least one member of the crew was fluent in Creole as he communicated necessary facts to the hospital staff. I am convinced that God used HERO to save my life that day. I do not have any pictures but I will be forever grateful to them answering the call to serve.

Linda Martin

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Professional crew and well equipped vehicles; with fast and accurate response.

Cem Akgün

Petionville, Haiti

Our youth from Midland Evangelical Free Church was on a mission trip with the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty this week. After being there only a half day, one of our students, Anna, developed an allergic reaction to her malaria meds. Within a day, she had progressed to a life threatening state and HERO saved her life. They said we had to get her out of Haiti to a hospital in Miami. HERO treated her and planned to follow us to the airport. They were kind and knowledgeable. As we put her in the truck, she passed out. HERO paramedic immediately took over and was amazing. He started an IV en route to the Haitian airport on crazy rutted roads. He gave me excellent advice and his contact information, as I am not her mom but a youth leader (and I love her like my own). He called for an ambulance to meet us when we deplaned in Haiti. It was only his intervention and the grace of God that got us safely out of Haiti with Anna strong enough to board a plane. Without going into too much detail, we had several scary events and relapses in Miami, with Anna passing out trying to get on a plane home and an ambulance having to be called again. The ENTIRE time, HERO was our peace of mind. They stayed in contact with us through text the entire two days in Miami until we made it home to Michigan. Thank you, HERO, for saving her life. We love you. We are proud of what you are doing in Haiti, and we will keep you in our prayers.

Kimberli Pittenger McMahan

Michigan, USA

Thanks to all of you for facilitating my transportations. Your professionalism, your dedication, your caring made my ordeal so much easier. From the accident scene to the hospital, from the hospital to my home, from my home to the clinics. All of you were amazing. The Best. I recommend Hero services 100%.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I have first hand experience the miracles that Hero has brought into the lives of Haitians. I had a friend suffer cardiac failure and if it were not for HERO, we never would have been able to get him transported to the United States by medevac flight. The HERO team kept in contact with family the whole time and they were there to welcome my friend back as soon as he landed in Haiti, 6 months later.
The second incident is when I had a friend that had an a seizure episode. HERO was there in under ten minutes and quickly gave all the necessary preliminary care, and transported her to meet her doctor at the hospital. Knowing that Hero is in Haiti, I personally rest easier at night knowing that whatever emergency I may have they will be there at a moments notice.

Krystina Timmer

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I am a Critical Care Paramedic with extensive training in Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care.  I have 25 years of experience in EMS.  I know that lifesaving treatment in the field often makes all the difference in the patients outcome. On my last trip to Haiti, I had the privilege to serve with HERO. They were called to transport a 26 week premature infant from a small hospital to the Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince. No other service had the ability to provide this transport.  It came down to Hero Ambulance transporting this fragile little infant or he would be left in the small Hospital to die. HERO Client Rescue is providing hope to the people of Haiti.

Kelby Klassen EMT-P, CCEMT-P, PNCCT

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Earlier this month we had severely malnourished twins at our clinic. They were tachycardic and had high fevers. We needed to get them to a NICU quickly. We had a place secured for them at God's Littlest Angels, but it is a long journey that could take 3+ hours in heavy traffic. That's time these babies didn't have to waste. HERO Ambulance met us to transport the babies free of charge and make sure they were stable along the journey. These twins are alive and well because HERO Ambulance was here to help.

Rachel Charpie

Ganthier, Haiti

I am a paramedic from San Antonio TX. I was recently in Haiti from 19 August – 27 August 2016. During this time, I volunteered with HERO. The services that HERO are providing to the people of Haiti are profoundly needed. This was not only something that I noticed during my time in Haiti, this was something that the locals noticed as well. Within 6 hours of arriving in Haiti, we were approached by a man at the market who wished to thank us for transporting his family member that previous week. 

I can honestly say that HERO has been a huge blessing to the people of Haiti. The service that they provide to people in the area is both quality and compassionate. 

Matthew Neel EMT-P

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Since my first contact with HERO Rescue, I have been extremely impressed and grateful that their service exists in Haiti. I cannot speak highly enough of the HERO Rescue men who arrived at our home. They were incredible. They are obviously highly trained professionals. The men were also extremely compassionate and caring. We felt safe and cared for. 

Ada Neilson

Delmas, Haiti

I am a flight paramedic from the United States. I came to Haiti earlier this summer to volunteer 10 days with Hero Client Rescue. During my time there I helped run calls on their EMS unit. This company is dedicated to providing a higher level of prehospital care to the men and woman of Haiti then is available to them anywhere else in their county. The training the Haitian’s receive here allows them to not only provide emergency care to those who call them, but also their families, their neighbors, and members of their community.

I believe this company is revolutionizing prehospital care for the people of Haiti. If you or any members of your staff became ill or injured, these are the people you want to show up and render emergency care to you.

Josh James NREMT-P, FP-C, C-NPT, TP-C

Canape-Vert, Haiti

I run a malnutrition center in Haiti and have been incredibly pleased with HERO’s willingness to help me with children at all hours and at a moments notice. They have done everything from transferring children to our center, helping get IVs started, emergency transports and hospital to hospital transports. There are several children who would not have lived if not for the hard work of HERO’s EMTs and incredible staff.

Rhyan Buettner

Thomassin, Haiti

The HERO program is not following the past traditions in Haiti of parallel efforts but that of integration and collaboration. The leadership team has done its due diligence and has assessed the needs to create a successful ground ambulance program within the country. With the support of many knowledgeable and skilled technicians, businessman and medical crew members both Haitians and ex-pats, this is a winning program. 

Jordan Owen, EMT-P

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I have watched with admiration as HERO has grown to be once of the few organizations in Haiti that people know time and time again they can count on in any crisis. Haiti is an extraordinary and wonderful country but it faces many challenges. Fortunately there are some organizations like HERO who not only do great work but pride themselves on knowledge transfer and training.

D.Nathaniel Mulcahy

USA - Haiti

I worked with HERO Client Rescue for over 2 weeks in Jan 2016 and again another two weeks this June. There were other USA paramedics and EMTs with HERO when I was there working. All very professional and a pleasure to work with. All of the USA medical volunteers were also combat veterans, one of which I had served with in Iraq years ago. HERO is truly altruistic in their practice and it is a breath of fresh air when compared to some other NGO's.

Damon Faust, EMT

Canape-Vert, Haiti

I have nothing but admiration for work that HERO undertakes. The whole operation is run in a highly professional manner under very difficult circumstances. The work hero does is immeasurable in it's value. Jobs included everything from setting up medical camps undertaking minor surgery to transporting emergency patients from remote areas of the country to risking their own safety on a daily basis for vulnerable children in urgent need of medical attention.  

Samantha Mitchell

Tabarre, Haiti

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