HERO will provide services for Tourism, Business, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and Governmental sectors in Haiti.

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Tourism Sector

Car Rental companies


When people have the choice of where to rent a car in Haiti, they will choose a company that offers HERO coverage. Click here to learn more...



Hospitality and Hotel industry


Provide access to emergency services to your guests, and boost the entire country's image so that Haiti can become more cometitive in the tourism market. Click here to learn more...



Vacation, Tour and Group Travel


HERO works with tour operators, travel agencies and group/NGO/mission trip planners world wide. Click here to learn more... 

Government Sector

Governement Embassies, Local Agencies,

Contractor Firms


HERO Client Rescue is the only crisis response and risk management company opening in Haiti that addresses the unique security issues and hazards faced daily in Haiti by government agencies and their personnel. 

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Business Sector

Major International and Domestic corporations


Major auto, machinery, petrol, solar, garment manufacturing firms and mining operations benefit from secure emergency services for day-to-day or special operations. Construction and development firms have the opportunity to secure the safety of their international employees within the country. 

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NGO Sector

Major Non-Governmental (NGO) aid organizations


HERO offers major NGOs with significant personnel operating in Haiti the oportunity to support their international and local staff by giving them access to emergency rescue.

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Major Faith Based Organizations (FBOs)


FBOs continue to have a heavy presence in Haiti. Covering your organization with HERO membership is good for your workers and volunteers as well as the country as a whole.

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Small and Micro NGOs/FBOs


Smaller organizations will be offered the opportunity for group subscriptions to HERO service. HERO provides the emergency plan necessary for people traveling to or living in Haiti.

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