MetroNews Report on HERO Hurricane Matthew Response.

HERO Responds to Mass Casualty Incident

Au moins 15 blessés, dont des enfants, dans un accident à Laboule 12

San Antonians lead life-saving mission to storm-ravaged Haiti

The two were working on behalf of an organization called HERO Client Rescue. 

AirMed & Rescue Magazine

James Paul Wallis reports on how teams responded to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti 

HERO Supporting Malnutrition Center's Efforts

Larmet från Haiti: Barnen dör av svält – och jag har svårt att möta deras blick

Challenges Magazine

Business Spotlight: HERO provides 24/7 emergency response for Haiti


Reservists deliver humanitarian aid to Haiti

The Lima News

Local agencies team up to send ambulance to Haiti

After Iraq, Portland veteran finds a new way to serve

Damon Faust applies skills he developed in the military to first response in Haiti, and he helps other veterans do the same

News Americas Now

10 Ways You Can Help Hurricane Matthew Ravaged Haiti

Swim for Haiti Annual Event

HERO provides emergency medical services for the 2nd year in a row to the Swim for Haiti event in Archaie, Haiti

LinkedIn: How Do I Help Haiti Effectively?

As you look at your budget, and your desire to help, here are a few established organizations on the ground that are doing wonderful work in Haiti. 

A Tour Of Haiti Fire Departments

Hasiče na Haiti k požáru nikdo nevolá, majitel hořící budovy raději zastaví projíždějící cisternu s pitnou vodu

HERO Operations Update

HERO Newsletter for circulation

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