The Emergency Response Solution for Haiti’s Travel Industry

A Letter from the HERO Operations Chief



Dear Friends in the Tourism Industry,


Haiti is open for business and tourism, yet there is no emergency medical services that meets the standards, expectations or needs of international visitors. This is a huge problem for Haiti’s image, business potential is stunted and people die when they shouldn’t.


Now is the time to push Haiti into the spotlight for international business and tourism, especially with Cuba opening its doors to the USA. Competition is sharp, and will continue to become more challenging. The lacking medical services and emergency response infrastructure in Haiti is a big problem for people when considering travel here.


HERO is prepared to boost Haiti’s image and convince the international community that Haiti is ready to receive them. The Tourism Police and other tourist assistance initiatives have been a success. However there has been a critical gap in medical emergency response capabilities. HERO is your bridge, and we need you to help present this to the world.  By partnering with HERO, you will enhance your image, the country’s image and most importantly, save lives.


MSPP has created CAN, a service that is in the stage of development to one day become a great public service and the HERO Foundation Mission is to support this public service. However, at this time they cannot respond to every call, their system is not what the international community is familiar or comfortable with, and they simply do not have EMTs, Paramedics or well equipped vehicles, and there is no coverage outside Port-au-Prince.


HERO is here to bring Haiti up to the USA standard of service with our medically equipped vehicles, professional medical rescue technicians and relationships with local medical facilities, partner flight assets and security personnel.


The time is now to bring Haiti into the competitive marketplace for travelers who demand safety and security.




Aaron Dankers

HERO Chief of Operations

Security Specialist

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Royal Caribbean Cruise Port, Labadee Haiti

HERO Provides Access to


Professional rescue service


24 hour multi-lingual call center


Rapid response ambulance transport 


Remote, countryside rescue


International evacuation services


Smart Phone App